Artist Statement

This current body of art is a collection of recent work that culminates my research of new skills, highlighting the casting of geometric cement forms.  Inspired by modern architectural aesthetic and elements from nature, I have sought to bring back visually those patterns and forms our eyes choose to naturally glaze over, and to meet them with function.  Together, these installations represent how facile it can be to gloss over seemingly insignificant details within the environment of day-to-day life.  The merging of mundane details encompassing commonplace life and formal geometric forms is the center of this project.  Thus, the sculptures discuss how these everyday common elements can be combined and made into something new. 

As a series, the simplicity I project in these pieces is related by form and texture.  A mixture of dyed cast cement and elements from nature compose most of the work - a combination of geometry, texture, and nature.  These objects exhibit a tension between what we take in and observe daily, forcing the viewers to remind themselves where they have may have seen these details before.


Sean Sweeney 2021